Breaking News : “Why go first” says Sony CEO Kaz Hirai



Kaz Hirai, global chief executive of Sony, has hinted that the PlayStation 4 will not go on sale before Microsoft’s next Xbox console has released.

“Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?” explained Hirai.

Despite Hirai’s statement, a senior Sony source previously told that allowing Microsoft to gain a head start in the next-generation console wars would be “ridiculous”, following the delayed launch of the PS3

Of course this doesn’t mean that Sony is definitely waiting for Microsoft to make its move first, but it does show a hint of caution. Sony made the mistake of giving Microsoft a one year headstart at the beginning of this generation and it hurt them badly in terms of sales–the console has only just started to even things up–so I doubt the company would want to see a repeat of that with this generation.

Hirai’s sentiments are in direct contrast to reports from last week that suggest Sony is looking to release the PS4 ahead of Microsoft’s next-gen console, including a prediction by Robert W Baird analyst Colin Sebastian in a note delivered to investors.

Additional hardware details were leaked last year, while EA’s Frank Gibeau revealed that he had seen both the PS4 and new Xbox, and suggested that the consoles would introduce gaming to a further billion people.Potential next-generation games include Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs and Mass Effect 4

Few gaming industry personalities are of the opinion that Sony’s move of giving a head start to Microsoft with respect to release on next-generation consoles may back-fire in the same way as it did when PS3 released full one year after Xbox 360.Still, with all signs pointing to an E3 2013 announcement for the next Xbox, it makes you wonder when Sony will announce the PlayStation 4 if Hirai really is planning to wait for Microsoft’s own reveal.
Perhaps we won’t see the PS4 until the Tokyo Game Show this year? We’ll just have to wait and see, so sit tight and try not to let the anticipation get to you.

Other reports suggest that both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be on store shelves late this year, and yesterday a leaked report alleged to have the specs for the Xbox 720.