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In an unexpected move, Sony has announced that the God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta has been unlocked for all PlayStation 3 users in the U.S.–for a limited time only.The formerly exclusive God of War: Ascension multiplayer private beta is very briefly now open to everyone

At first it was available only to participants of the “Rise of the Warrior” experience on the God of War Web site (which is now relaunched, new and improved, and ready to dole out even more extras for series fans).

Then it was only accessible to PlayStation Plus members (as if they needed any more exclusive content, what with their free Instant PS3 Games Collection and countless discounts).

Now, we’re excited to announce that its opening up the Ascension MP Beta to all PlayStation Network users for a very limited time. Starting now and lasting through the holiday weekend–provided you’ve got a PlayStation 3 and a valid North American PlayStation Network account- you’re in!

God Of War: Ascension may be caught up in the heat of battle of its multiplayer beta as Sony Santa Monica tests its new multiplayer mode, but single-player fans are about to get a taste, too.

Though PS Plus subscribers in the UK (and all US PSN users) have had the chance of playing in God Of War: Ascension’s open beta over the last week or so, Kratos’ single-player adventures have only been seen in development videos and trailers.

But, come February, Sony Santa Monica will release a single-player demo and we’ll be able to see just how well Kratos’ action matches up to the combat we’ve already seen in the multiplayer beta.

Ascension MP Beta code : F2TA – HMNB – 762G

We want to get as many people as possible into the MP Beta, not only to really give those servers a good beating (it’s nothing personal; they just have that kind of face you want to punch/stress load), but also because we want everyone to discover the exciting, frantic multiplayer experience that gamers are raving about. So please, spread the word (and the code) and let’s see how many people we can thrust into the frenzy!

First Time & Intermediate Players!

We have a created a handy Basic Strategy Guide with a ton of tips you will not learn in the Beta tutorial, be sure to check this out. We are improving the tutorial for the final game with many things you will find here:


Ares & Zeus Strategy Tips

Whether you have pledged your allegiance to the God of War or the King of the Gods, check out each of their respective profiles for more combat tips from us, and a bunch of other bad-**bleep**-ness


 That’s a wrap for now, we are all over the boards – reading, listening, replying where possible. Keep the feedback coming, our team sincerely appreciates every opinion

New God Of War: Ascension trailer : single player gameplay

Here’s the wealth of additional content not in the Beta that will be in the final game

• God Allegiances – Hades and Poseidon
• A third, to-be-determined In-Game Weapon Class
• More Large and Small maps created from signature God of War locations
• The ability to customize your Warrior as you unlock all the weapons, magics, armors, relics, and God items from the four allegiances – and level them up!
• An unannounced fourth multiplayer mode

Want to learn even more about the Beta? Click here.

God of War: Ascension Coming 03.12.13

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