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New GTA 5 Update – 40 GTA 5 Screens & Snapshots


Grand Theft Auto V Special and Collector's Editions Pre-Order Blimp Atomic blimp Screenshot Rockstar Games Revealed, the blueprint map is seen in both rolled-up form and as a partial cut-out. The map looks pretty nice and cool. Go here to See GTA5 blueprint map.

Latest/Fresh Update : New leaked Grand Theft Auto V screens Depicts Heists and Chases alongwith revealing numerous details about upcoming mega title, GTA 5.

20 more screenshots (Click images given below to open in new window to see in Full size)

GTAVthisgameisanythingbutplaneGTAV – this game is any thing but plane
GTAV sniper rifles are betterGTAV – sniper rifles are better
GTAV - smoking is badGTAV – smoking is bad
GTAV-skullkin aroundGTAV-skullkin around
GTAV - skull fkd GTAV – skull fkd
GTAV - join the Drive ClubGTAV – join the Drive Club
GTAV - its a tarpGTAV – its a tarp
GTAV - insurance wont cover thatGTAV – insurance wont cover that
GTAV - frowning gives you wrinklesGTAV – frowning gives you wrinkles
GTAV - fly with meGTAV – fly with me
GTAV - fashion policeGTAV – fashion police
GTAV - dont chase me broGTAV – dont chase me bro

According to a report by the Rockstar Newswire on April 22, the latest images were taken from the screensaver for the GTA 5 of the “Grand Theft Auto” series.“GTA 5” is expected to be released and made availaible for PS 3 and Xbox 360  consoles in the North American region on Sept. 17. The video game will feature three main playable characters that can be switched around in real-time during missions.Rockstar Games has released 10 new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V.The lighting and water effects were shown off in several shots of the coastal region of the fictional Los Santos city. You can check out the new gta 5 screens, as well as several gta 5 screenshots and newly released gta 5 trailer 3 for the open-world action-adventure video game,

Each of GTA V’s three protagonists crop up in the screenshots: Franklin is shown causing trouble with a minigun, Trevor is seen escaping pursuers on a motorcycle, and Michael can be found standing in front of a car.The new screenshots are titled “Sunsets, Seas, Skies and So On.”it’s evident -based on the screenshots – they’ll you’ll be able to scuba and sky dive.  It remains to be seen how detailed the underwater environment will be

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Rockstar confirmed the Spring 2013 release of GTA 5.  Though details won’t be revealed until later in November, Rockstar said that GTA 5 will become available for pre-order everywhere on Nov. 5.  Rockstar also said that GTA 5 takes place in “the largest and most thriving game-world we have ever created set in the sprawling city of Los Santos and for miles beyond—from the tops of the mountains to the depths of the ocean.”

Rockstar’s expertise in building engaging game worlds crammed with humour and personality has been core to its success in recent years, and GTA 5′s colossal size, three-character structure and technical ambition is beyond anything attempted by the publisher before. If Rockstar North really can deliver on everything it promises, GTA 5 will surely be one of the most technically and creatively accomplished games ever released

After giving us a small view of the city, we get a glimpse at one of San Andreas’ seedier parts as a balding guy in his 40s, Trevor, starts some trouble at a dive bar. A dirt trike can be seen driving off, as Trevor tosses a molotov cocktail and sets a rundown old house on fire, walking towards the camera as the whole place erupts into flames. He doesn’t look back, because cool guys don’t look at explosions.“I’ll swing by and sign the contracts. Just ignore the bodies,” he says nonchalantly towards an unseen character.We then get another view of the city, which contains a bus and a diesel freight train running through an intersection.

The view shifts back to Michael, who’s sitting on a park bench when a couple of dudes walk up to him—one of whom’s Franklin, the game’s third protagonist. He points them over to a house and then a chase ensues—presumably driven by Franklin, who also finds himself arguing with his girlfriend who says she doesn’t care how many cars he owns, cause he ain’t changing. He also argues with a friend about how he’s not interested in living the thug life by throwing up gang signs and shit.

The scene then shifts back over again to Michael, who’s now in conversation with a school counselor who talks about his teenage son, who’s always in trouble. The scene shows Michael’s teenage son hanging onto a boat’s boom as it careens through traffic while being hauled by a pickup during a high speed chase.

He lands in Michael’s car.Later, when the two speak, he tells Michael, “let’s bounce” and Michael remarks upon the stupidity of the phrase.The scene switches over to Trevor, who’s seen curbstomping some dude in as people watch. He takes off in a small airplane, flies over the wilderness, and then a safe explodes. Men in skimasks can be seen robbing the place.

The scene then switches over to a drifting car, with a rottweiler in pursuit of someone. The dog leaps over a car and continues its chase.

There’s a split-second in which we see one of the main characters rappelling down a building—it’s something we’ve seen before in recently released screenshots.Later, a dude smashes a glass case in a jewelry store.A bike is seen coasting down a road.And then a jeep falls out of a cargo airplane in a scene not unlike Uncharted 3’s airplane event over the desert. A dude dives out of the jeep as it plummets.

Then we see some guys dirt biking.

Trevor’s aboard a train. On top of it, actually, and it appears to be headed in a head-on collision with another train. He jumps off at the last second as the two trains collide over a bridge.

The scene shifts back to Michael, who’s now with Trevor and Franklin and introducing the two to each other. He says, “That’s Trevor, my best friend. And that’s Franklin, the son I always wanted.” Franklin says, “Yeah, whatever,” and Trevor says to Michael, “Jesus, your therapist has a lot to answer for.”

Then we see a jet fighter flying over San Andreas. It takes out a helicopter with a missile.The trailer ends with all three characters mimicking the three wise monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.Fin.

Things to note:

the facial animations are on par with Max Payne 3‘s; realistically animated; interiors are incredibly detailed— with a ton of debris; cars and other vehicles have detailed damage modeling and consist of multiple parts (e.g. the boat); there may be fire physics, given how the fire from Trevor’s molotov cocktail spreads throughout the building.

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